Log shows only one day?

Noticed that the log only shows the current day’s activity. Is there a setting on that or is that how it was intended? It’s sure limiting for the user (me) to see what’s been encountered and what tasks have run recently.

If you are using version 6 there is a little arrowhead icon at the bottom centre of the log screen. Click on that and you can select how far back you want to look at.

Ah, now that arrow responds! Thanks.

I’ve seen a couple of scheduled scans with a blank line in the log, as if they weren’t done. Those have been times when my computer happened to be off. Is there a setting to start a scan on the next computer boot up? It’s something I would have expected, but so far haven’t been able to find such a setting. Thanks,

The full schedule for CIS v6 scans are handled by the Windows Task Manager. You can check if there are any settings there that you would like to ‘adjust’ BUT the big one for your request is the setting to ONLY run the scans when the system has been in an Idle state for more that 10 minutes. (In this case, IDLE is defined by the OS [ less that a certain CPU% for so long; usually this is tied to the Power service and your Screensaver settings ]).

Looking at Windows Task Scheduler, “Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed” would seem to be the one that should get the scan going after the computer restarts from a shut down, but if the blank results are to be taken at face value it’s not happening. See the two screenshots, showing results from a manual run and a scheduled run that came up while the computer was down. Most security programs I know of, as well as other types, have this run-as-soon-as setting within their own options, rather than force the user to depend on Windows Task Scheduler. I think Comodo should as well.

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