Log setting not sticking after reboot

v3.0.18.309 and previous versions of v3 running xp sp2 when system reboots the log setting get set to: 0MB delete it and create a new file why? Is there a fix for this?

Do you mean on the initial reboot after installation? Haven’t heard of it happening after that in either XP or Vista. Looks like a bug in the initialization database, but just change it to 2MB or whatever you like.

Doesn’t matter which reboot. I can repeat this over and over just setting log size to 20MB and created a directory to put these logs and to this day there are no logs anywhere to be found on my system for the firewall ! Even if i don’t reboot there are still no logs ? In version logging works but that version locked me out of my own box which had to go to safe mode to remove 3.x to get back into my box.

Defense logging works but the logs go to default location and I can not change this?

system: XP SP2 32bit

Thanks Ron