Log scheduled scan even if nothing found

Hi SharoneyP,

“So, nice to know about the test virus - oh, I get it now, it IS a real virus, but it won’t be activated as long as it’s not opened, or the folder it’s in isn’t opened?”

It’s not a real virus, it is a harmless, inert signature of a virus. Completely Safe.

Hiding it was as Eric mentioned, if they open the containing folder and it “hits” then it will ruin your scheme, because it will get quarantined, then you won’t know your scheduled scan ran.

That’s all, No worries. Hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction.
Let us know.


Thanks for the clarification, Bad. I’m all wrung out getting Jungle disk up and running (yay!) so I’ll set this up next time I come in and let everyone know how it went.


i’d like perhaps a bit more than others are asking.
each scan generates a log or report or whatever you call it right? tells me what settings were used, when it started & finished, any found infections or pups, etc.

i need at times to go back and review those scan logs from a day or week ago. so, my suggestion is much like others, a simple table of past scans and total problems found, date, not much more. click an entry and it brings up the full report from that scan. the table might display successful error-free scans as green, others yellow or red, etc.

generally, i find i need either a high level quick look (just look at the list of past scans & colors) or i want all the details (click and see the full scan results report).

in the meantime, it would help a lot if i knew where comodo stores its scan results (log) files? then, if they’re text, i can manually find what i want. what file name(s) do you use? if the informatin exists, i can figure out how to use it. does it?

same thing is true of backup, btw. gotta be able to glance and see whether backups from the last few days or few weeks have run normally, any errors, etc. i never want to see a disk crash then look for a backup and find they haven’t been working for a month. :frowning:


Yikes, all this time has passed, and still no log except for event logs? I just reinstalled Comodo at home because of problems with ZoneAlarm. I really can’t believe they haven’t been able to write some code for this. Every other AV I’ve ever used keeps scan logs.

So, still wishing…