Log Files, and how I recovered a computer from a Deleted DLL Issue!

Hello all!
Here at my facility, I have had Two incidents (and a third that I will be taking care of on Monday) of deleted DLLs and files, rendering a system inoperable. The interesting thing about these is that they -seem- to have happened Immediately after a windows update!

Anyway: I do have a log file to send up, the log file is under 4 megs in size and so it will not allow me to send up to the forums here. please email me at rcollazo-at-loraninc-dot-com for these logs.

How I recovered:
The problem happened twice thus far: Once on a Win2000 machine with CAV1.1, and just today on a WinXPSP2 machine with CAV2.0.7 (it looks like I have a third on the way). The way I recovered the systems was to take the hard drive of the affected system and put it onto another working system with the SAME OS (same updates, version, etc), and copy all *.COM *.CPL *.DLL *.EXE *.MSC *.TDB files from the good \windows to the bad \windows And from the good \windows\system32 to the bad \windows\system32 . (There might be a few .CPL files you might not need on the recovered system).

I’m using the free command-line utility called the Midnight Commander to help me select and copy all of my files.

Of course you might not have an Identical system just within arms reach, so what people might want to do is to copy all said files into two backup folders: one for those files in \windows, and one for those files in \windows\system32, and make sure to install the windows recovery console onto your system so thay you CAN restore said files when/if it does happen to you.


Hey Ray,

If your affected systems booted up with a warning about missing or corrupted HAL.DLL, can you please PM “kishork” and advise him. We really need the logs files from someone who is affected by the HAL.DLL issue.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I just finished dealing with this issue… where do I find the log and where do I send it?

Open CFP and click on ACTIVITY - LOGS. Do a right click anywhere in the log window and select "Export to HTML. This will create a HTMLfileof your logs which can be zipped and posted here or PM’d directly to “kishor”.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Woopsies, I think Ewen got to thinking about the firewall instead of the AV…

Within CAVS application window, go to Settings/Reports. There is a box (should be checked by default) to create troubleshoot log. Right below that is a button to save the log. Save the log. Then PM that to Kishor.

You can also navigate to c:\documents & settings\all users\application data\comodo\comodo antivirus\troubleshoot log. Zip up the whole log and PM to Kishor.

Be sure to include a note in your PM, as to why you’re sending it - what you experienced, etc.