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I have just found something that bothers me about Comodo Firewall and I think it could potentially even be a bug.

I have disabled logging of the network monitor event, because a lot of the times I use my computer on a student university network and I get a lot of activity that is being blocked which is all fine. But when I restart my computer, Comodo seems to forget that I have disabled this kind of logging and keeps on logging network monitor activity. If I go and check the settings I see that network monitor logging is indeed ticked off and after that it seems like Comodo remembers my setting again and doesn’t log it anymore.

Any help on this? Otherwise this is one hell of a firewall.

Thank you.


normally Comodo’s firewall keeps remembering his rules. Are you using the latest version of the firewall or an older ?

(:WAV) see ya (:WAV)

I’m using version I think this is the latest version…


are you working on a server then so the pc doesn’t save your settings ?

Server? No.

Everything else gets saved just fine, its just this thing… ???


Do you have an other firewall or something that could block it ?

Nop nothing like that, just NOD32 which is playing nice with Comodo.


I don’t know Melih can you come here please !!!

This is still happening, any ideas?

Not Really

Have you reported this to Support?

http://support.comodo.com/. If you do so, please keep us informed of their response, especially if they’re aware of it and/or have a solution or future fix planned.


Just did that… will keep you up to date.

Great, thanks. Sorry no one here had a quick solution for you.


He, he… no problem, I still like all the support (:CLP)

Support replied that they will investigate it. That means they haven’t discovered the issue. That was with since v2.3 for me.


My personal observations:
If you right-click and toggle any of the 4 monitors to log or not, it somehow triggers CFP off and from thereon it won’t log anymore. Another way is to right-click to clear the log. Any activity with the Log window makes it remember. That is, until the next CFP session. Once CFP is exited, it forgets for some reason. Only a few users have this issue. I remember the first few running instances when 2.4 was released it worked perfectly. Mysterious.