Log Analyzers?

I’ve searched the forums for some keywords, so I apologize if I am posting this after it’s already been solved.

Is there any way to view the Comodo Log in some sort of analyzer? I was playing around with ManageEngine’s Firewall Analyzer 4, but it does not list Comodo as a supported firewall product.

What I’d like is to be able to see the alerts over time, and track some things like source hosts, types of errors.

The Reason is I’m getting flooded by traffic with “Fragmented IP” and “Fake or Malformed UDP Packet” and they seem to come in bunches. I wanted to track them and see if it’s always the same host or hosts, but doing so in the little log window is a pain.

If there is no product that can do it, is the log in some sort of parseable format with some utility? The HTML Export is a little clunky, but if that’s all I had, I guess I could work with it.