Log All Firewall Events


I would like to know if it is possible to log all events in the CIS firewall and how to do it.

I have Comodo V3.8.65951.477 installed on my Lenovo ThinkPad and running Vista.

I have set all the events in the Network Security Policy Application rules to log but as I have the Security level set to Custom Policy Mode all other events that Ask for permission are not logged.


Hello Greg

It is very possible to log ALL Events

If you want all make sure you have everything under Global Rules and Application Rules As “Log if rule is fired”

Then you should do it :slight_smile:

Many many events should/will be logged :slight_smile:

is this what you are looking for?


Hi Jacob

Yes this is what I want but but is there an easy way to define all other events in the Global Rules or Application Rules or do I have to define them individually?



I’m glad that you are wanting to see all the log’d connections…

I cannot say that you can do all at the same time…
I’ll PM you if i find a way but for now yes it’s the only way.