Lockup on XP[HELP]

Don’t even know how to describe this problem so I’ll try to describe how I got to where I am. :frowning:

Brand new computer for Christmas. Spent the last day doing a complete clean install of XP and everything is up to date. Computer was running greate with version 2.4 of Comodo. I’ve been waiting for 3.0 for a while and just noticed it was available. I uninstalled 2.4 rebooted and installed 3.0. Went through the configuration screens and rebooted again. Whenever I try to do anything… (right click an icon, the desktop, the menu) or click on the start menu the computer locks up. I can move the mouse but get no response.

Any chance that 2.4 wasn’t completely uninstalled? Why is 3.0 almost double the filesize than before? One thing that attracted me to Comodo was that it wasn’t bloat-ware…