Lockup on Restart/Shutdown


For the first time in years I seem to be having problems with Comodo and
I can’t work my way through the issue. I am getting a hard freeze on restart
or shutdown after installing v7 on Win7Pro 64-bit.

Yesterday I imaged my C: then installed Comodo like I had done many times
before. The install and reboot went smoothly, I set my preferences: widget>off,
pro-active > on. But on my next restart the pc froze at ‘Logging off’. I left it for
a minute or so and ended up hitting the reset button and ‘start Windows normally’.
There is nothing noteworthy in any of Comodo’s logs nor in Event Manager.

Today I restored my last image and installed Comodo again. This time I left it
at firewall only. Still I get the lock-ups. I let the last one go and it lasted a good
3 minutes before completing the restart.

This is a new install of Windows7Pro Sp1 on a new pc. Everything was running smoothy
until I installed Comodo. I rely on Comodo and I hope some good soul can help
me figure this out.


Maybe this it the culprit:


It hasn’t been fixed in v7.0.

Thank you very much for the link. You’re right, its still not fixed in v7.

The workaround that worked for me was:

  • Set “Protected Registry Keys” & “Process Execution” to disabled in HIPS
    monitoring > reboot.
  • Set taskeng, userinit and winit as allowed 'Windows System Applications" in HIPS
    Rules > reboot
  • Set “Protected Registry Keys” to enabled in HIPS monitoring > reboot.
  • Set “Process Execution” to enabled for HIPS monitoring. Had to reboot twice for
    this to work.

With that, the shutdown/restart is back to normal.

What strikes me as odd is that on my old machine I had the same OS and the same version of Comodo with no such issue. The only difference is that on my old machine I went through the upgrade/update path from Comodo 5 to 6 to 7. I wonder if the more elegant method of a clean install triggers something on some machines that a version upgrade doesn’t. Wouldn’t seem likely. I still have some old v5 & v6 setup files … maybe I’ll play around with them to see if the issue is eleviated by an upgrade to v7 instead of a clean install.

Thanks again.

It happened to me when I went from 32 bit OS to 64 bit OS. I don’t think it affects the 32 bit systems.