LockNote doesn't work with CIS

LockNote doesn’t work with CIS because it always gets sandboxed even if you select don’t isolate again.
Reason for this is because LockNote creates a TMP file before it actually saves it, each time with a different name.

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Well it’s just that. I even gave them the reason why it behaves this way. But if they are not willing to check this just because i haven’t filled some ■■■■■■ form, then so be it. You have been notified about the issue and the details have been given. They need to test it themself anyway.

Hi RejZoR,

there’re plenty of white listed applications out in the wild, plenty of available mistakes, many operating system types, application versions, custom rule sets and so on and so forth…
The more accurate a report is, the faster the devs can set up a proper testing environment and solve the problem! They don’t even know what operating system you are using, what is your user level on the system etc… , how can you expect from the devs to build up a proper testing environment without these informations???

I know it TAKES TIME, but we both can win something on this, right?