Locking the Comodo console down?

First up; great product - by far the best firewall I’ve used, and I like the fact I had to think about what I was doing and how I was doing it…

I’ve searched here for this but found nothing so here’s my one question - I’ve created my rules (I want to block most users on the PC from accessing the internet whilst still being able to access the intranet via FF, IE) and they work fine in my windows profile. However, as soon as I log in as another user, even with no admin or power user rights, it gives me the ability (indeed asks me to create) rules based on those apps as they hit the network. Is there a way to lock non-admins from changing or adding existing rules?

thanks in advance,


Not as of yet, Calum. This has been discussed before (password protection for the settings), and I believe Comodo’s lead developer has stated it will be included in the future. Perhaps this will be in version 3, currently due out for beta testing in mid-April.