"Locking" MBR (Master Boot Record) - WinXP


It’s been a while since I used this board, as I have been a very happy user of CIS for about two years.

Following Microsoft’s announcement that all versions of XP will be put on long-term support only (i.e. put on the back-burner in terms of updates) I made the decision to dual-boot my machine: an HP-Compaq laptop with a 64bit dual-core chip and loads of disk-space. “No Worries”, I thought.

However, following many, many attempts to make Ubuntu and XP get along, I am very close to giving up.

Basically (thanks for reading this far: the point comes now) is there anything built into CIS (3.13…) or something that the end-user can tick/untick that overwrites or somehow “puts the kosh” (as we say in G.B.) on the boot record of Windows?

I also have CSC 2.0.111095.7 installed.

I’m sure I’m goin’ to get at least one reply saying “don’t be so bl**dy stupid” but I’m covering… All the bases! :wink:


P.S. I have read the relevant guides, I don’t think I missed anything. Feel free to correct me! ;D

You may be looking in the wrong corner for a solution here at the Comodo Forums.

The tool you most likely need is Easy BCD; it can handle multi boot configuration with all Windows version, Linux and Apple. Make sure to read this sticky post at their forums: FAQs - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING WITH A PROBLEM | NeoSmart Forums .