Locking down operating system components from accessing the internet

I signed up to the community just to ask this question, after many hous of searching and reading up on various sites, yet not seeing anything on how to do this by list for example.

The first thing i do on EVERY fresh operating system installation before even plugging in the ethernet cable again, is install comodo and other basic essential programs. Then i set about to tweak the services etc and gut out the programs and features that is not essential, and not wanted. It takes hours of work each time, but it’s well worth it.

A while back i also realized that i could use Comodo to block programs contained in /System32 folder from connecting to the internet, and once i started blocking things, i noticed a HUGE number of “Network Intrusions” within minutes (the programs i had blocked from connecting to the internet).

Now, I’m not exactly sure of which programs i can add to the block list while retaining normal functionality, but as of now, i have blocked more than 10 and things are still working as normal. I’m not sure how many as i cannot see a list of things i have blocked so far, but if there is such a list of currently blocked objects, could this be saved and used as a back up, it would save tons of time when doing fresh installations.

So i was wondering, would it be possible for Comodo to add this feature? The more Windows things i block from getting online, the safer i feel. Why are things like “Folders” making connections to the internet in the first place anyway?

I’m just glad i realized i can block them.

I should note that i use Steam, GOG, Origin and i play some games and even some games online like Battlefield 3, and from what i have blocked so far - (i don’t know where in comodo i can view a list of those blocked items to be able to let others know) - i haven’t encountered any problems using any of the game clients or playing Battlefield 3 online.

What my aim is in doing this, is to build a list of everything that comes installed in Windows 7, like in the system32 folder for example, that i can block from connecting online while still retaining normal function. To me, this is a new extension of doing Service.msc tweaks.

Backup settings already exist.

The application blocking that connect to Microsoft, are useful not to interfere with the good performance in games, downloads and even interfere with system performance as when the windows update connects to the Internet, the system seems to slow down, for example.

Folders, they are still not able to connect to the internet but can continue sending data for “loggers malware” .example: to lock the desktop folder, applications (executables recognized by firewall programs) contained therein are not connected to the internet, but other applications can send data from the desktop folder (for instance) for internet

Great to know there is a configuration file! That’s awesome!
Will this file block/allow things that i had blocked before, or does it only configure the settings of the comodo client?

Thanks for your help.