Lockerz Invites

Anyone not on lockerz and want invites let me know. Its a legit site and a great way to get free stuff. A link to the site here but you need an invite to register

I’d like one. What do you need?

Me too. What do you need?

All you have to do is give me your email address and i will send it from the website through your email. You dont have to give me your main email address if you dont want to. You can create a new email address if you dont trust me with your main one. The only way to join the site is by invites and you get 2 points for every invite that a person accepts and registers with the website. Any more questions feel free to ask.

Did you check your email for the invite gleach?

Got it…thanks.

The “grabbing money” game at the start took me by surprise…I was just clicking around (lol). And the “Grab++” by Orbit did not help (got in the way).

I turned it off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too…when you invite 20 people they mail you a free t shirt. When they restock if i do manage to get anything i will post it here.

Ok guys im asking for your help. I currently have 10 people invited and i need another 10 more to get my free T shirt. Even if you dont want to be on the site can you please let me invite you. Thx for any help in advance.

Make other email addresses and invite yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

With a Care2 email account, you can make aliases. I used that to help me get higher on Wakoopa (as I was so close to expert :P).

They recently started banning people for that so i have to do it the legit way :frowning:

Ah…then nvm. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how they found out? IPs? So many friends?

Maybe proxy. ;D.

Or TrustConnect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how they found out but all the people that hacked and cheated for points have either got it taken away or got themselves banned.

so you need 10 more invites to get free T-shirt? ha! use my email address,invite me O0
you can find my email address in my profile :slight_smile:

ok man thx alot.

your name is Keron coward? 88)

done! not sure though…i mean, after registering, here’s what i got when i sign in…plain purple screen of death 88)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yeah the website still in beta so its giving alot of problems. Try again sometime later

Who Wanna Lockerz Invitation? mail me: | icq: 452708339 :wink:

Anyone else need invites?

Lockerz has been very buggy for me. Sometimes I can’t login, or it takes many minutes.

Remember everyone to login each day. If when you load Lockerz, you are already logged in, I have to re login to get the 2 “PZT”. Then I can also fill out the daily question, and get 2 more.

Yeah the site is still in BETA and they are doing upgrades to it every day so it always buggy for the while. They are trying to fix the site to launch fully before the end of the year.