Locked (Voting Is Now Locked-Sorry For All The Confusion)

Time to vote. It seems no one want’s to vote on my polls. So if you are tired of my voting options check yes or no & submit.

This is for any and all who want to vote.
So please cast your vote in this post only. Thank You.

Happy Voting. :slight_smile:

Eddie Lucas

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Ahem… aren’t you missing the poll? 88)

These two applications aren’t very similar though…

System Mechanic does more than clean your system. (hence the term mechanic)

A better poll would be between similar products, like CSC vs. CCleaner.

Iolo System Mechanic (Standard/Premium/Professional)=Lost

COMODO System (Cleaner/Faster Master/Utilities)=Won


I think I get the picture, people prefer COMODO System (Cleaner/Faster Master/Utilities) & CCleaner over System Mechanic (Standered/Premium/Professional). I wonder why though? System Mechanic has tons more tools then the other 3. Will someone explain to me why?

Voting is locked until I can think of something else to vote on.

As I said, it’s difficult to compare the two applications. It’s a bit like the age old apples vs. oranges comparison.

Asking someone to vote for applications that are basically two different classes of software isn’t going to net you any sort of valid data. Yes, both applications would sit under the ‘system utilities’ header, but System Mechanic offers a variety of utilities, while CSC offers only cleaning.

It’s a bit like saying, which do you like better? This steak knife, or this Swiss army knife that has 12 tools? There is really no comparison.

I wounder why no one seems to be voting? Am I putting up too much votes? ???

I dunno, why don’t you create a poll on that. :slight_smile:


What score do you expect on Comodo’s forums ? ???

A good score but I’m just seeing if anyone’s been liking my votes choices or not.

:‘( Oh why oh why are the people tired of my voting choices? :’(

All I wanted was for some awesome results! I just don’t get it!

Could someone help me understand?

What are “awesome results” and what would they be used for?

As for why people actually don’t like them… I don’t know. There are many possibilities and I could speculate endlessly. But, you’ve only had 5 votes and that’s nothing in terms of the active members here. So, I don’t think you can draw any conclusions based on that… and that brings me back nicely to my original questions. :slight_smile:

Maybe they’re confused because you keep changing the thread’s title, poll, and text in the the first post…

If you do this, it renders the thread completely useless because anything that is posted becomes completely irrelevant to the current thread.

Start reading this thread from top to bottom, and see how much sense it makes to you. Do you notice that there are posts regarding system cleaners? Now look at the current thread title. “Are People Tired Of My Votes”. How relevant are posts regarding system cleaners to the thread title?

Yes, you are correct. There is absolutely no relevance between the system cleaner posts and the thread title… Do you see where the confusion sets in?

You should start a new thread for a new poll, but please do not get carried away. Yes, this is the General Discussion area, but if all of the newest threads are created by you, you’re spamming.

Please think about what is useful to the forum. Even in the off-topic area, do we really need a “Are People Tired Of My Votes” poll?

If people aren’t voting, that’s a pretty good indication that a poll is completely unnecessary.

OK. I just lock this post then.

And… You’ve just changed the thread title again! 88) Please stop doing that.

I’m sorry about doing that. I just wanted to tell everyone that I was sorry for all the confusion. Next time, I’ll Just post instead of changing of changing the title.