Locked User Account

I have an administrator who locked himself out. How to unlock, other than waiting? I went in and reset his password but his account still shows as locked.


Hello Lou,

After 3 failed logins the account is locked for 30 minutes due to security measures.
Also please log in to ASG console:

You can check if the user was locked due to sending to many messages.

Dashboard > Domains > Domain Dashboard - {domain name} > Outgoing Users->select the user->click edit->the Edit Outgoing settings button.
There you can see that outgoing lock settings are controlled by ‘Limit per hour’ and ‘Limit per minute’.

You have also the option to unlock the user from the toolbar.

Please make sure the user is using the following link to log into ASG console:

This is an administrator log in. not a user log in.
It has said “locked” for several days. I can’t find any option on the admin pages to reset a blocked admin.


Fixed by support team. There is an ‘Unlock’ button on the toolbar…:slight_smile:

Keep well Louyo.

hey, if it wasn’t for people whose eyes can’t see (like me), you would have nothing to do.
Thank you


“you would have nothing to do”…

Chance would be a fine thing…:slight_smile: