Locked out of Program Data etc.,

Can someone help??? I have Comodo Pro 6/2013 installed on my laptop, after a few days I am locked out of Program data saying I need to provide administrator rights, I am then locked out. This occurs every time I format my laptop and reinstall Comodo it happens again and again. If I install Emsisoft all is fine, then remove it and install Comodo………………. Has this happened to anyone else??? :cry:

It’s sounds like you are have a an ownership problem. when this occurs and when you right click on program data and click properties and security do you see an old account you use to have have on the pc that has rights to the folder. or another account you have not seen before?

Have you run Comdoo cleaning essentials and then after a scan this occurs? there was a known bug but i don’t know if the version you are running is new or if it is an old version with the bug. I would look in the cleaning essentials section of the forums for better help.


post a message in there and see what they say.

I could let you try a take owner ship registry key which enables you to right click on a folder and click take owner ship which may work. but would not advise until we get an opinion from the cce forum.

Yes any help would be great…