Locked out of my PC since i download the firewall what do i do help!!!!!!!!!

can anyone help me i need to get back on my laptop a.s.a.p

That doesn’t sound right…

Tried safe mode?

restart the computer and as soon as you can, start hitting the F8 button on your keyboard repeatedly… wait for a menu and use the arrow keys to select ‘safe mode’ (not with command prompt)… if you can get into windows this way, you can then uninstall comodo.

Here’s something that worked for me.

  1. Boot into safe mode
  2. Run Comodo
  3. Click the “Defense +” icon
  4. Click the “Advance” button
  5. Click “Computer Security Policy” link
  6. look for %windir%\explorer.exe
  7. set it to “Trusted Application” if it is not (mine got set to “Isolated application”)
  1. Click “Apply”
  1. Exit Comodo
  2. Reboot