lock up on log out

I’ve had a pretty good search through here but with no joy, I’ve read bits and pieces about fast user switching, that it may or may not work, however the problems I have found reported do not match mine.

As I have 2 account on 1 PC, mine that does a lot of downloading and my partners who just surfs and checks email, I would like to be able to use fast user switching, as I did with sygate, as logging out kills my download apps, and sometimes she forget to log out of her account, with fast user switching that’s not a problem, but having to logout, it is, I attempted to use fast user switching and while it switched out of my profile and into hers alright, when logging out of hers there is an error about comodo not ending, and when it finally gives up and logs out, the screen goes dead, like no signal, and I cannot get back into my active profile, the only fix is a restart, which isn’t a fix, is there a way to use fast user switching or do I have to ditch comodo


great support forum you have here, NOT!!!

I can see that you have waited a couple of days for a response, recently for the last day the forum has been down. I have no power over that, and neither does the Comodo Staff when stuff really hits the fan with websites/servers.

I do not know the answer and will start PM’ing other moderators to see if they have seen your problem before.

EDIT: I originally put “the last two days”, it was really less than 24 hours. It felt like forever…


Firstly, these are USER forums, not the official support centre for Comodo. The official support centre is at http://support.comodo.com. You will need to register to be able to lodge support tickets.

As a test, I setup two additional accounts on a test box running XP Pro SP2 fully patched, with CFP (fully updated). The first account was an administrator account, the second was a limited user account.

I was able to successfully switch between the original account and either of these two newly created accounts. There was a momentary “Check video signal” message on my monitor when first switching from the original account to the newly created admin account, but it did not reappear on any subsequent switch.

What O/S are you running (and patch level)?
What version of the firewall are you running?
What other security software is running on either account on your PC?

Ewen :slight_smile:

XP Pro Fully updated


No other security software

I had carried out a fresh install and the only change from my normal procedure was to install comodo instead of sygate.


Do you have dual processors?
Do you have a dual core processor?

My test box is running a single core P-IV 2.6Ghz and has no issues at all doing a FUS.

Back to you,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P4 socket 478 3.0Ghz with hyperthreading enabled, pretty standard if not old hardware, nothing special.