Lock position of Widget or reduce area of widget that allows it to be moved.


Something that keeps happening to me is that when I click something on the widget I accidentally move my mouse as I click and that moves the Widget because pretty much 100% of the area of the widget allows it to be moved. I do not know about others but I have always had a little issue with when I click the mouse buttons, for some reason I tend to shake a bit sometimes, I don’t think it’s normal but I can’t really help it (it’s really bad in first-person shooter games ^-^‘’) which essentially means I have to re-position the widget A LOT.

Because of the above I propose either an option in the right-click context menu of CIS to have an option for locking the position of the widget (it could be below “Always on top”) or reducing the area of which you can move the widget, or perhaps both?

I think the lock position of the widget is pretty self-explanatory, it would essentially make the user unable to move the widget until the option is disabled (or perhaps you could move it if you hold down a hotkey on the keyboard as you try to move it)

Something I don’t like is that the widget can be moved my clicking & holding anywhere on the widget and dragging.
Here is a picture of the Widget:

And here is an image of where you can hold and drag to move the widget (marked in red):

And this is how I would like the area that allows moving the widget to be placed (marked in red, the rest shouldn’t move the widget):

So what do you think?

I’m kind of starting to give up on using the widget since I’m tired of having to re-position it all the time. :cry:

Sanya IV Litvyak.

While I respect your opinion I must ask that future discussion stay true to the topic of how to solve the position/movement issue and do not slip into whether or not the widget should be there or not.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. Post removed. :slight_smile:

While I appreciate the kind gesture I don’t believe that was necessary :wink: You have a valid opinion and while this isn’t really the topic for it I believe it could have stayed as long as further discussion didn’t touch that topic but since you have already removed it I’m going to ask if you want me to remove the quote in my post above or not? I’m sorry for being difficult >_< <3

You’re not being difficult, you had a valid point and I’m quite happy to have deleted my post. As you say it was off topic so not a problem.
My bad as they say. :wink:
I’m fine with you leaving the quote if you wish, it was posted with good intentions. :slight_smile:

Alright, thank you for taking it well :-TU I’ll leave the quote so other people won’t be confused as I’m sure they would be if only half the conversation was there. ^-^

Sadly this hasn’t been fixed in CIS 7.0.308911.4080 Beta, this is one wish I really wish developers would consider adding since I want to use the widget but always end up moving it slightly and then have to re-position it, it’s really tedious. :cry:

I think that the locking the position and/or reducing the click-able area for moving the widget are great ideas. But I would add someway to snap the widget to the corners or center top/bottom of a display. When full screen applications crash, that happen to use a resolution other than that of the desktop, the widget ends up in weird places when you return to the desktop.