Lock icon near my post? [Resolved]

Does this mean the moderators closed it? If so, what did I do wrong? or did I do something that locked it? Can anyone respond to it while it’s locked?

(:m*) Topic Closed: Sorry it took 3 moderators to figure out what was going on 88)


Yes, a lock icon means a moderator or administrator have closed it. You might not have done anything wrong at all. Moderators usually lock threads when the question has been answered, if that’s the case, you should see [Resolved] at the end of the title. But it might be locked for some other reasons too of course (like off-topic, policy violation).
And for your last question, only moderators and administrators can respond in locked threads (else there wouldn’t be such a big point in locking it).


Hi, Ragwing.

thankyou for the explanation.
javascript:void(0);Thinking I guess you’re a moderator or administrator then…

I’m going to guess that I asked about boclean AND 2 other comodo products in the same post, & you consider that off-topic. Would it be better to cross-post the question to the verification engine & firewall areas? I thought that would be a bit much, but I’ll accept your guidance.

Hey StormyMorning, welcome. Do you have the link to the post that was locked? If so please post it and we can take a look and see what happened. If necessary, I’d be glad to split them off or move them to a more appropriate area so your questions can be answered.


Thank you! Wonderful - I’d love an answer to this! This is the thread. Right now I am using CFP with Defense; BoClean, Verification Engine & to a limited extent, iVault. (might add the memory firewall down the line - but first want to master CFP)

Welcome to the Comodo Forum
|-+ Desktop Security Products
| |-+ Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware
| | |-+ Reset LSP stack to resolve a problem. now do I have to reinstall BoClean?

It occurs to me that in addition to what I posted in the thread, I also want to find out about what to expect if Boclean itself fixes the LSP stack: will I be notified about it? will the BoClean fix then affect any of the other Comodo proggies? will I need to reinstall the company app which is affected?

Hey StormyMorning your post didn’t seem locked to me. Either way, see if you are again able to post in it.

I’ll see if anyone knows anything about this as it’s a little over my head.

If you’re able to post in it why don’t you just copy and paste the additional questions from here into that thread as you’re more likely to get help over there.

Also, just go ahead and post back here this way I can lock this thread since your original problem of not being able to get into your other one will be resolved.


Soryy- I don’t see how I can post there.
I don’t have a reply button. the options are:
Notify; Add poll; Send this topic; Print. & in the righthand-most column in the list is a closed lock icon.

Maybe it’s not locked at your end but is for us commoners?!

Hey StormyMorning, this is Psych1610 from above. I made a new account here as a user to see if that post is indeed locked. I don’t see any locked icon on your thread. Indeed, I see the reply buttons as well.

A few dumb questions to see if we can figure out where the problem is:

Is this your thread we’re referencing: https://forums.comodo.com/comodo_boclean_antimalware/reset_lsp_stack_to_resolve_a_problem_now_do_i_have_to_reinstall_boclean-t18596.0.html

Are you sure you’re logged in when attempting to post there? Only members who are logged in can post.

If you scroll to the last post the reply button should be directly to the left of “notify”.

I’ve attached screen shots of what I see. One of the forum display showing your thread and the thread display showing the reply button. These were taken with “Davids Account” name.

Very weird that this is happening. Let me know the status.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Sorry to say IT’S LOCKED, ALL RIGHT!

“An Error Has Occurred!
This topic is locked, you are not allowed to post or modify messages…

You’re right, though, the “reply” button has mysteriously re-appeared. So I very hopefully clicked on it, got the error msg above. not sure how to upload a screen shot, but I did copy & paste it. fwiw: the listing of BoClean topics still shows the locked lock icon in the right-most column of my post.

other questions: yes, that’s the thread; I’m logged in - I am replying here, after all :wink:

What do you suggest?

Thank you for sticking with me!

[s]Is it the same with any browser? What about clearing your temporary files and cookies and start anew to see if it changes?

Hey Dave: why not try replying in that other thread under this test account? That would prove that it’s not locked.[/s]

Never mind. I just noticed that lock from my end as well. I just unlocked for you, SM :P0l. Now other (:m*) and (:a*), don’t touch that thread until SM is satisified the issue is resolved :a0

Thats odd because in my time checking it I never saw the locked symbol. I never did try replying in it, the thought just never occurred. Lets call it a fluke and move on?

Thank you! everybody!