'Lock' icon in Menu at top - what is it for?

What is the “Lock” icon in the top Menu for? Clicking it seems to show as ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’ state, but what does that affect?

In “Comodo Firewall” I wanted to post a message. But I don’t see the button “New Topic” any where (see attachment)! The lock doesn’t seem to change it either.

I had posted only one message in there before. Then I found the answer on our forum, modified the posting to reflect that, and later took the posting off. Does that block me from posting any more messages?

See attachment showing the lack of the “New Topic” button. Help. please.

Hi bhimsu

The lock is to toggle between http and https. Use the childboards under Comodo Firewall and you will find your new topic button.


Please understand that you can’t open a topic under the main Firewall board. Only moderators and administrators can. We want to organize threads and posts. You would have to post a new topic in the appropriate child Firewall boards like Help, Feedback, etc.

The lock icon at the menu (aside from the very top of the page that John referenced) means the topic is locked and no one but mods & admins can post. Once a topic is locked or closed, it’s done for a good reason (i.e. the issue resolved or question answered). Once again, it’s for organization.

Thanks for the explanation, guys. I Appreciate it.

However, I still can’t get to “New Topic” button! Well, let me describe:

First, I login. So I am at “Welcome to Comodo Forum” screen.
One button shows at bottom: “Mark as Read”

Next, Desktop Security Products
Comodo Firewall (Child Boards)
Two buttons at bottom: “Mark as Read” “Notify”

Next, Frequently … (FAQ) for Comodo Firewall
Two btns at top + bottom: “Mark as Read” “Notify”

Next, message ‘Why do components connect …’
Four btns, top + btm: “Notify”, “Mark Unread”, “Send Topic”, “Print”

Where the heck is the “New Topic” button? Am I chasing the wrong path? Thanks.

There’s the main dish: The Firewall’s FAQ board is also restricted so that only mods and admins may open new topics. As you can see, the topic starters are all moderators (with some exceptions like when we deem a thread FAQ-worthy, we may move it there) in all the newest threads. We wanted to reserve that board purely for informational purposes so that others wouldn’t clutter the forum (that’s what the Help for V2 and Help for V3 boards are for). Again, there are exceptions like certain threads are opened up for regular memebers to reply to, but not open new threads.

Thanks Soyabeaner,

I looked in to Comodo and got this info.:

Launch Pad V
Firewall Pro V
Como. Certi. Applic. Data Base V 3.0

So, is my FW V2?

Yes it is. Version The database version 3.0 is the safelist of programs that Comodo has certified, used to not alert you when those programs connect to the internet, for reducing alerts. It has not been updated yet, but with CFP 3 it has. I’m enjoying it ;D