Lock folder... Unable to unlock

Hello, Comodo people. I’m new to the forum and I need your help.

I’ve used the “lock folder” option in the privacy cleaner module to lock a folder with some important files in it. The problem is that I can’t unlock the godamned folder now. The remove button doesn’t seem to work. The folder just sits there with the padlock icon and won’t be unlocked. (:AGY)

I’ve tried uninstalling system cleaner with revo uninstaller and then using ccleaner to clean leftovers. I then rebooted. System cleaner is not on my PC anymore, but the padlock icon is, and the folder won’t be unlocked. I backed up some of the files in it, but not all, so I desperately need somebody to help me. (:SAD)

I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1.

Thanks in advance for your help.

(EDIT: I’ve also tried windows system restore, to no avail)

Hi Paquito

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Have you tried changing the administrator rights on the files in your settings/user account?


Hi, JJasper. Thank you for your answer.

I’m not sure how to change the administrator rights for my files. I’m afraid I’m not much of an expert. Anyway, I use my computer as administrator, if that’s what you mean.

same prob m8.im logged as admin.is my pc…but cant reverse the locked folder process…need this sortin big time.like yrself got important work in the folder

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that is a right pain in the ■■■ by the way wont let me post for ages.

sorted the locked issue…
right click select the 2nd open …or explore…and im bak in.

Lucky you…

I’m right-clicking like mad and still can’t access the locked folder.

Can anybody help me?

Have you got UAC active if yes please try right click on the explorer link and Run as Adminstrator this does give more rights if you have UAC enabled even if you are using a Admin account.
Edit Sorry when you really need System Restore it usually fails :frowning:

Yes, UAC is enabled. I did as you suggested, but the folder remains unlocked.
Should I lodge a support ticket as suggested by Panic in deleon30’s post? He had the same problem as me, although he was able to solve it by himself.

Yes I would as you do not seem to be any nearer to solving your problem.

Ok, support ticket lodged.

I’ll let you know the outcome, in case somebody else finds this problem.


I am also having the exact problem in my Windows Vista now. I am a new user and i just experimented the various features. I tried locking a test folder under my ‘C’ and it locked it successfully. I see the LOCK sign. Now i am unable to unlock it. I am the admin and i think i have all UAC privileges correctly i think.

I hit across this thread when i search for any resolution to this issue.

Any idea on why i am unable to unlock ?



There is another thread on this topic.


The solution provided by the poster didn’t work for me. I personally got tired of waiting for a reply by Comodo Help Desk (the first thing they did was to send me back to the forum!!!). I was lucky to find backups of some of the files in the locked folder (the ones I lost were not important). I then used unlocker to get rid of the locked folder (and its contents).

This seems to be a dangerous bug in Comodo System Cleaner. I strongly suggest you to lodge a support ticket. I do not know if they will be able to help you, but at least they will be forced to look into this matter.