Location issue

I just installed & set up the newest version from Google Play & my issue is if I send the locate text my location is spot on but after that any additional request shows me still at the last location. I’ve tried some things as going into airplane mode & reconnecting but to no avail, my last located address is returned until I reboot. After a reboot then my location is updated but the process is repeated until the next reboot. If I were to lose my phone I would have to hope the thief reboots it to get an accurate locate.

I have also noticed a problem with the LOCATE function in this new version (with traffic monitoring).
Before I would send the command and receive the location.

Now we the new version, takes a longer time and the majority of the messages I receive are:
“Your device could not be located at this time. Please try again later”.

Is this the only app having issues with the GPS location (time required to get a fix)?
Is you GPS turned on by default or is CMS turning it on?
Did you recently add a metal-backed case protector to your phone?

This app seems not to use the GPS at all, it may only be using the network cell tower based. If I disable network location service but leave GPS on for apps I never recieve a text back. I see the GPS light up for 1 second then go away. I am using an all rubber Otterbox. CyanogenMOD 9 ICS 4.0.3

Test so far:
“Where’s My Droid”
Uses GPS only, 100% accurate all day long. :-TU

Relies on network cell tower, never uses GPS, 1 test showed me 2 miles away, later that night I left the area & went somewhere else & it reported me 20 miles away in another city. :-TD

“Comodo Mobile Security”
Relies on cell towers first, tries to start GPS but fails if network location service unavailible. Accurate on first test but concurrent locates report me at first location until reboot. :-TU :-TD

“Avast Mobile Security”
I believe it used network location on first test but was very accurate, on second test not sure what it used because I was not near the phone but was very accurate again. :-TU

CMS turns GPS on… I believe.
I have it disabled it by default, as I had it with previous versions of CMS.

Same device, same protector. No physical changes.

CMS is supposed to turn GPS on if it is off but personal experience with other apps is I get better results if the hardware us already on and let the software decide on use.

I definitely agree with you on what your saying.
But with other versions, I had the same settings. No changes.
So there might be a little bug in this new version that fails to maybe turn on something.
I dunno.