Localization sub-forum


What do you think about adding sub-forum for translators? Currently threads related to CIS localization are scattered around Comodo forum, between topics concerned to bugs or security issues. Probably in near feature you will begin CIS localization process, and it increase on forum number of topics about localization issues. So I think localization sub-forum could be useful both for you, translators and straighten up forum.
Additional it could be good place where translators could to create threads concerned to localization to their languages e.g. “German” for German translation or “Polish” for Polish translation. I think these topics could be place where translators can to exchange translations, information, advices, in their native language. Seem to me that this solution could speed up localization process and increase localization quality.

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hmm… do you mean something like this:


There you can talk in your local language…



Thanks :). I forgot about it.