Local Proxy [Resolved]

I installed Proxomitron. It is a perfect web filter. He works as a local proxy. All incoming and outgoing conections of my browser pass through his local proxy. Yesterday I installed Comodo Firewall. After that I tried to surf Internet and browser report an error about what the proxy doesn’t response. I made the Proxomitron as a Trusted Application but this doesn’t help me. How to resolve this problem?

I used to use proxomitron. But i’ve forgot the settings. Can you post a screen shot of the settings?

What you used? And what settings exactly?

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Here’s a link with necessary Application Monitor settings for Proxomitron: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,4040.0.html. Give that a read and see if that helps you out.

If you use the Advanced Search feature of the forum, you can filter your results (on a “proxomitron” search) to include only the Firewall Help and FAQ sections. That should help searching the forum for solutions, as well.

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After restart of computer ALL WORKS! Thank you very much!

Great, glad to hear a simple restart was all that was needed!

I’ll mark this topic Resolved, for other users’ benefit…