local private network unknown

Comodo finds a local private network on my computor. I do not have a network installed and I do not recognize the IP. I do have a loop showing up. What should I do? Should I block this network? thanks

Can you show us the local networks it found?

thank you for your reply.
The network is local area network #1------- IP In[]

I also have loopback zone ------- IP In[]

Hello rkerson,

It looks like a “automatic network detection” this range is used by Microsoft (and others) to fallback if the primary IP address configuration fails, my guess is that you are using DHCP to get an ip address on your PC and that the Firewall blocked this process, hence causing the system to “fallback” to this range leaving the PC having no internet connection anymore.

There is nothing bad on permitting this “local network” but it won’t get your connection back.

Best thing would be to check if you need DHCP by opening a command-box and typing

ipconfig /all

The following should show up:
Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection
DHCP Enabled: Yes

If so go to CIS, Firewall, Advanced, Network Policy, Global Rules and create the following rule:

Source ANY
Destination ANY
Source Port - Range 67 - 68
Destination Port - Range 67 - 68

and put this one as the top most rule, that should allow DHCP requests trough the firewall.
Now reboot your system and see if things are back to normal.