Local Numbers are available!!!

Local fax number are available. The first release of local US trustfax numbers includes the following states:
District of Columbia
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Check our web page to see the area code and cities available in each state at www.trustfax.com/faxnumberlist.asp

There are 4 local plans offered. 3 monthly and 1 yearly plan:
$4.95 a month with 100 pages incoming and 50 pages additional send/receive pages
$9.95 a month with 400 pages incoming and 125 pages additional send/receive pages
$18.95 a month with 800 pages incoming and 250 pages additional send/receive pages
$29.95 a year with 150 pages incoming and 50 pages additional send/receive pages

The local number accounts include all the same features as toll-free number accounts, for example:
Email delivery of faxes as pdf file to up to 10 email addressess
Inbox to store incoming faxes as a backup to email - unlimited storage time
Send faxes using your email or the trustfax website
Filing cabinet to store any file or can be used to manage faxes online
Digitized Signatures
Trustfax secure and trusted email link delivery of files - with return receipt
Online PDF file converter
and more…

Trustfax support

New pricing plans have been added to trustfax local numbers. A yearly power user and a monthly prestige plan.

Here is a list of all the local pricing plan:
Power User - yearly $29.95 with 150 receive only and an additional 50 send/receive pages
Prestige User - Monthly $4.95 with 100 receive only and an additional 50 send/receive pages
Pro User - Monthly $9.95 with 400 receive only and an additional 125 send/receive pages
Premium User - Monthly $18.95 with 800 receive only and an additional 250 send/receive pages

All plans include:
Free trustfax inbox with unlimited storage for new faxes
Fax delivery to your email addres (up to 10 email addressess) as pdf files
Additional storage called the filing cabinet to manage faxes and files online
Send faxes using your email and/or the trustfax website
and more

Hi, what is the advantage of choosing a local number over a toll free number (noobie here)? Wouldn’t senders prefer to use a toll free # to avoid charges? Maybe because local #s are better for interntational senders? Must be unless I am missing something else. Thanks!

some businesses who are local want to show and provide local numbers to their customers.


Aha. Thanks. Understood. I was thinking of it through the mypopic eyes of a personal user. Makes sense for businesses to want to have local numbers.

I’m paying $4.95 per month for only 50 send/receive pages, with a toll free number. Does this mean if I switch to a local number my number of pages per month will increase to 100 receive and 50 send/receive?

If so, why wasn’t I notified of this (just happened to visit this forum) and how do I do it?


Trustfax allows you to change your subscription plan at any time. To switch your plan:
1 - login to your account
2 - click on account info button
3 - click on the billing tab
4 - click on the link, “Change Plan”. a list of plans will appear
5 - select the plan and submit the changes

If you are switching from a toll-free to a local number plan and you don’t want to keep the toll-free number as a second number, be sure to uncheck the box for the toll-free number. there is an additional charge for a second number.

When switching plans your billing cycle will also change. Your old plan is prorated based upon the time left in the old billing cycle and the number of fax pages used. If there is a credit, it will be applied to the new plan.

You can also request a plan change by sending an email to support@trustfax.com. Include your trustfax number and the plan that you wish to switch to.

I presently have a toll free number but would like to add a local number and keep the toll free one. Should one sign up for a new account or can one add a second number in the Change Billing Option and have both numbers send faxes to the same inbox? Or would one have 2 Trust Fax accounts - one for each number? Trying to do so through “Change Billing” seemed to imply that one would disconnect the existing toll free number if the button was checked. Thanks for any guidance on how to add an additional number.

A second number is available with the local fax number accounts. You will need to change to a local fax number plan and select the option to retain the toll-free number when changing a plan in your account info - billing section.
You can also make the request by sending an email to support@trustfax.com.

I have a local number (Boston, MA, USA) from the local phone company that I use exclusively for receiving faxes. Can I transfer that number to this service? Thanks.