Local Network Access

I have a PC that runs openvpn and also runs sabnzb, freeproxy, deluge and sonar over the VPN. Each of these apps has a local network web interface. I have successfully configured Comodo as a killswitch when the VPN dies, but I am having no success setting up Comodo to allow access from PCs on the local network to access sabnzb, freeproxy or deluge. The ruleset in place allows me to ping the PC running the VPN or to browse the network shares but it refuses web access to these apps and also web access from a PC on the network via free proxy.

I have set up rules that look like they allow access from the local network but nothing I have tried works.

How should this be done?

I have set up Comodo as a killswitch on a PC running openvpn. The PC hosts sabnzb, deluge and a proxy server, freeproxy, all running as services. Comodo allows ping and network browse via explorer from PCs on the local network but will not allow web access from the local network. How do I set up Comodo to allow web access to these apps from the local network?