local netword and comodo

Hi, i have a problem with my local network (2 computers with and each) since i setup comodo. Neither the one nor the other can see each other.

And one more, when i open microsoft word, and i want to print to the local printer it gets me out of the program saying : “abnormal program termination”

Can you help me please;

sorry for my english , I am from greece.

Thank you.

Have you set up a “zone” to define the devices on your network?


Have you set up rules on each PC running CPF to allow traffic from the other?

Until either of the two above steps are done, the firewall will block your LAN traffic, because it hasn’t been explicitly told to allow it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Because i am a new one, could you describe to me , this two ways, that you mentioned;

thank you.