Local File Transfer and Comodo

Hi All,

I just recently installed Comodo 2.4 to give it a try after having slowly gotten tired of ZA’s bloat. Seems to work quite nicely and I’ve resolved most of the issues surrounding the high alert volume. I have to say the FAQ portion of this site is immensely helpful for that. Anyway, the only problem I’m having is that if I try to move a directory from one partition of my drive to another (~2GB), the file copy process seems to stall at a random point, and also the taskbar and systray become unresponsive. Nothing can be done except a manual restart…I can’t open up task manager either. Event log afterwards shows nothing regarding an app hang or anything of the sort afterwards. I have tried this several times with the exact same result…if I exit Comodo before starting the file transfer everything is fine.
–Any ideas?