Local file sharing w/ cable modem+router

I’ve been using another firewall, but decided to switch to Comodo b/c of the great reviews it’s been getting. I like the product in general, but I have two annoyances (one small, one huge) that I just cannot solve even after wading through the FAQ and forums.

Small annoyance:
Comodo seems to have disabled restoration from invisible mode on my filesharing client (eMule mod). The hotkey no longer functions at all, and I cannnot use the invisible mode. Since this is a computer I occasionally share with friends and family, I’d much prefer that this works.

Huge annoyance:
No matter what I do, I cannot share files locally over my home network. I have a cable modem and a router. There is one PC (wired) and one Mac (wireless) on the network, which I use for work. My router claims it’s at, so I tried modifying the the IP range ( and just in case). I’ve deleted all trusted networks and reconfigured from zero. I even reinstalled the application. Nothing works. I’d love some help with this, because local filesharing is essential to my home business.

Thanks in advance.

Hi celcinc, welcome to the forum.

I’ll have to leave the eMule query to one of my colleagues, as I don’t use P2P. I should be able to help you with your file sharing though.

Before we get to that, could you describe your configuration in a little more detail please:

Router: wired/wireless?
Static IP Addresses or DHCP for the PC and Mac?
Network Monitor rules created? Perhaps a screen shot.
Loge entries related to the issue?


I am having the same problem. My file sharing on local network does not work after installing firewall.
Router: Wired (ADSL)
Static IP addresses:
see attachment for Network Monitor Rules
Log entry from local computer is “Inbound Policy Violation (Medium severity)”
Thanks for any help you can give me.

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