Local Development Server

I have set-up a local development server for developing / testing web applications.

Setup: Win 7 Pro, CIS v8.2, Xampp server.

I am pulling my hair out trying to allow access from my laptop / tablet (on the same network) to the server. Are there any hand-holding guides available?

Thanks for any insight you could provide.

Here’s the help section for global rules Global Rules, Firewall Protection, Best Firewall, Network Connection - COMODO and setting up a firewall rule Application Rules, Firewall Protection, Best Firewall | Internet Security. You just need to add global rules allowing incoming connections on the ports that xampp listens on and set the allowed application ruleset to the xammp server application itself in the application rules section.

Hmm, seems like I was making it more difficult than it need be. I’ll give this a try.

Thanks for the quick and concise hand-holding! It’s appreciated.