Local area network?

Hi, first time post here…
I recently installed CIS, but I’m just using the firewall and Defense+ portions of it. I’ve read and done the setup using the Help posts. Very easy to do, Thank you.

My question is about the “Local area network” zone…CIS did not ask me anything at set up, nor is there anything listed in “Network Zone” other than the “Loopback”. I am not using a router. This is the only computer in the house (right now). Set up using RoadRunner and Time Warner Cables modem.

Should there be a Local Area Network?

Thank you

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loopback rule would like compulsory for some software, like firefox.

But in fact, every lan zone is only an artefact: it doesn’t do anything by itself, it merely allows firefox (in this example) to be allowed in the loopback zone rather then writing yourself a rule for

If you have only one computer, you don’t need a lan zone, since you don’t need specific rules to communicate from a lan computer to the other, different and more permissive then internet rules.

However, and if connecting with dhcp, cis might in some instances create a lan zone for the dhcp non-routable zone, something like 169.x.x.x/mask…with a purely cosmetic function.