Local Area Network ?

Hello everyone,

I’m having a quick question for you, which kept me browsing for solutions all night long without success.

When I click Network Security Policy and look at “Network Zones”, it shows me the following:

“Loopback Zone” IP [ /]


“Local Area Network #1” IP [ /]

Now this is, what upsets me as I can access my Netgear router through and the Motorola cable modem through - whereas won’t load, when I try browsing to it with Firefox.

Ipconfig tells me, that this PC has as address. There are no other devices connected to the network, this PC is connected via LAN - WLAN is turned off. I’m running Comodo Firewall only with Avast as antivirus incl. full live protection.

I’m not too much concerned, although I am wondering what actually is?? Can you give me any answers to this please?


It’s not actually a physical device, It’s just the way CIS adds zones. Basically, when CIS recognises a new network, which you accept, it creates an entry under Network Zones to identify the network. The address it adds could be any of the available addresses from the subnet, in your case any address between and You can change it if you wish as it’s only an identifier.