Local Area Connection Status

Whenever I boot my XP machine the icon for Local Area Connection Status shows up in the taskbar. I click it and everything appears to be fine. I can connect to the internet, get email etc. After awhile the icon goes away. I have tried releasing all the DHCP and renewing all my addresses - no problem performing that but it doesn’t get rid of the icon. The address for my DHCP server is (I am behind a Linksys router and I have DHCP turned on). My network zone in Comodo is / and the other zone (a loopback zone) is / Is there a rule I need to create to eliminate the Local Area Connection Status screen? Thanks.


Open the Control Panel and click on Network Connections. Now right-click the connection you’re using and choose Properties.
Then at the bottom, uncheck Show icon in the traybar when I’m connected (or something like that).
I suppose that’s the traybar icon that you want to get rid off?


I have both options unchecked. Should have mentioned that.