Local Area Connection 2 blocked?

I installed a Soleil Blutooth Adapter on my PC running XP SP3. The software can see my iPhone but will not connect and the reason, I guess, is that the Local Area Connection 2 is not active.

The information for Local Area Connection 2 is:- Network cable unplugged Bluetooth Pan Network Adapter

I presume that Comodo firewall is blocking it. Where, in Comodo, do I check whether that is the case? And, if it is the case, how do I resolve it?

Under Miscellaneous >>Settings>> General>uncheck 'Automatically detect new private network"

Open CIS-Firewall-Common Tasks-My Blocked Network Zones

Do you see any entry of Local Area Connection 2? If yes, remove it and try again. If no, something else may be the reason. Try disabling Fireall and check whether you are able to connect.

Do report back.

I had a great deal of trouble with Bleu Soleil. Only way I could get it to work was by getting the latest version of the software.

I would first ascertain if the firewall is the source of the problem. Easiest way is to disable the firewall. If the firewall is the problem, then check the IP range for the adaptor (usually 192.168.x.x). Add this range to your network zones.

Hope it helps


Already unchecked.

No entry

I do believe in reporting back.

I found out that the firewall was not the source of the problem. After searching through other forums I found that it was the iPhone that was causing the problem.

Thanks to you all for your input.