Load update not available, du a big size 113Mb

Hi to all,
First I’m so sorry for my english !

But I have installed COMODO firewall & antivirus. My problem com from the first update 113Mb, I’m on a vessel with a limited band whith. To load this update take a long time. It can be completed & restart from the begining.
Is it possible to load this one and keep the data loaded if I get some network issues. Now Comodo is tring to load evry days, 10 or15 times, 20, 40, 60, 80 Mb for nothing.
I cann’t stop this update task but I would like to leave Comodo working.

This issue can come from a virus?

Many thanks for your assistance.


Welcome to the forum Didier FR :slight_smile:

You can download the first update link below, maybe at a friend with faster connection or elsewhere.

Please follow the instructions here to download first update


Many thanks Denis,

It’s the full answer which I needed, I’ll try ASAP &l give you a feed back.