lol I bet all the moderators and global moderators and even Melih is busy trying to help maintain the board and Server’s lol it’s funny just the thought of it (B)

If the others would understand and cooperate in following new procedures like adding the appropriate identifier on a topic title or posting in the correct board or not posting multiple topics that already has 3 created by other members … :-\

Yes it would be nice if they followed the new procedures but it seems like they ignore your posts at the top of the board, maybe if you put flashing lights on them they might take note. ;D
After reading the third post on the same subject. ??? :frowning:

If I had to add Vegas lights to catch their attention, it could be mistaken for borderline spam (:TNG).

Anyway, I’ve been merging duplicate/same issues threads to reduce the # of threads as much as possible. If anyone ever wants us mods to combine them, feel free to PM us.

Thank you very much for all your efforts I hope you know we all appreciate them (Well nearly all)