LLC MAIL .RU is suspected to be a malicious vendor

Hi everybody,

I perform AV-comparison tests on a regular basis and found an exe file which is not sandboxed by comodo!
This is the file:


It wasn’t isolated, although of being malicious (ADWARE):

I think that such vendors should not be added to the whitelist!

So, what should be done next?
There are many users that rely on the trustworthiness of the whitelist, like me.


Please see this topic.

This is a difficult thing as some vendors will start out being completely legitimate and then cross the line a little bit into producing products which could be considered adware (which I would consider to barely be malware). Thus this is a problem.

Please see a wish I made about this problem. It can be found on this page. Let me know what you think of the idea.


PS: I’ve already reported it here.