Live PC Support for Comodo Backup + CB-to-FTP issue.

I am not sure what I should think of this.

Using Comodo Backup, I am having issues connecting to FTP on my web hosting, which isn’t too much of an issue. However, I have a CIS Pro license which give me live support, so I thought, “Hey, there is a big GeekBuddy button on the interface of Comodo Backup. I guess they can help.”

So, I click the button and nothing happens. No biggie. I just click the LivePCSupport icon in my notification area and I am connected. “1. I am having an issue connecting to FTP with Comodo Backup. 2. When I click on the GeekBuddy button in Comodo Backup, it doesn’t do anything.” 2 minutes later, I get a response that GeekBuddy doesn’t support Comodo Backup and I should put a support ticket in at

There are so many questions I have, now. Why is there a GeekBuddy on Comodo Backup if it is not support for Live Support? Why does Comodo Backup save my FTP username as a bunch of garbled characters instead of the username I entered? This could be an issue on Yahoo! Webhosting, but when it does connect, it returns “Cannot access FTP folder list.”?

Ok, so I just wanted to vent. I did open a support ticket at, but I don’t know if it will work… there is no Comodo Backup category and the “Other…” category submits it as a “Certificate category” issue. Another mystery as far as I can see.

Anyway, has anyone had any of these issues?


That’s odd…

I thought GeekBuddy was supposed to be able to help you install and configure software. If the GeekBuddies aren’t even able to help with the configuration of other Comodo products, I have to question the viability and value of such a service…

Honestly, I am not that worried about them unable to support Comodo Backup. It is a free software and the support should be limited… I just don’t know why there is a big GeekBuddy button on the interface. Ya know?!?

And… the “Let us install and configure this software for you” link on the page.

Furthermore, there is an entire section on using Live PC Support in the Comodo Backup manual. However, there is nothing that explicitly suggests that Live PC Support actually supports Comodo Backup.


Thanks for you comment.


we’ll address this…we do support it…

Excellent! ;D