Live MSN rules

Hi, can somebody tell me the rules for Live MSN or a link to the rules?
For Comodo 3
Thank you in advance

Hi taber

My rules for Firewall, Network security policy, Application rules are as follows:
Allow IP out from IP any to IP any where protocol is any
Block and log all unmatching requests.

In Defense+, computer security policy,I have custom policy with DNS Client Service, Computer monitor and keyboard allowed in access rights.

I can use Live MSN with webcam and no problem with these settings.

Hope this helps.


I have them the same way too, but when a user wants to send me a file and I press Allow it creates also an “Allow IP in any any any” rule.

Doen’t it happen to you?

edit://False Alarm, your rules are OK and are working for me!
So, I wonder, if I can receive messages and files, what where all those random outside connection attemps about…