Live Mail flags Comodo emails As "Suspicious Sender"?????

All advert emails i get from Comodo are marked with a red header and warn that the sender’s address couldn’t be verified. I assume these are OK… but; How do I tell? Why isn’t someone addressing this issue? Ive read that it might have something to do with Sender ID

Can someone confirm this?

Thanks Much’


I also have this problem with my online yahoo mail account ! It always puts the mail from Comodo in the spam folder and not in my inbox !
No worries from my part though, this issue will certainlly be solved in the near future as Comodo will get known and respected for it’s groundbreaking products !

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Anyone know if there is a contact with MS Live Mail to get Comodo approved as a legitimate sender?

Love to help spread the word!

Merry Christmas All

I think it is the way Comodo sends its emails, and not MS Live Hotmail that is the problem.

Hopefully Comodo will get this fixed in the future…I assume they are aware of the issue??? This makes the company look dangerous or just unprofessional. That reflects badly on a great product that does a fine job of helping to keep the entire internet a little safer. :frowning: