Little problem in pop-up message


I use UltraExplorer instead Windows explorer. In the Security policy, UltraExplorer is configured as “Custom policy” with access rights set to “ask” for Protected Files/Folders.

When I want to remove the file c:\windows\system32\setc6.tmp ( which is in a Protected Folder ), the pop-up window tells me that UltraExplorer is trying to modify a protected file or directory : that’s right.

But in security considerations, I have “UltraExplorer.exe could not be recognized and is about to modify the content of c:\windows\system32\setc6.tmp. You must make sure UltraExplorer.exe is a safe application before allowing this request”. Why not tell the user that UltraExplorer is about to delete the specified file ?

When I look at the Defense+ events, I have :

  • application : e:\program files\UltraExplorer.exe
  • action : modify
  • target : c:\windows\system32\setc6.tmp

The action “modify” is wrong : “delete” would be better, no ?

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