Listing registry key that triggered "protected registry key" HIPS warning


It is very disappointing that v6 (2013) of the neatest HIPS engine for windows now has an incredibly gimped UI. The warning “Application is attempting to write to a protected registry key” no longer displays the actual key. This makes building a complex ruleset with per key ACLs impossible and destroys so much of the power this HIPS engine had.

Please put the ability to display verbose HIPS warnings back – and allow us to generate per key / per resource ACLS.
I had to import the version 5.x ruleset to enable some of the functionality that the previous version had.
The UI is crippling for the power user and really dumbs the product down.
I would happily pay for a power version of this former functionality.

lol, i just worked out you can see it if you click the down arrow thing under the title.
still. whats with the UI change? Its nasty!

This should be looking like Comodo Forum !! :-TU

I am afraid it is very difficult for registry alerts as you now require 4 clicks for each alert the allow button is covered once you see the full path :frowning:

I tried importing config in last Beta but it failed to import any registry settings.

There will be some changes to the gui over the next few releases.

But no mention has been made about alerts.

As the alerts are now it is very difficult to use Paranoid mode if not impossible.