List of trusted/banned apps?

In the Comodo UI, I can define NEW trusted or banned applications. However, I have not found out how to show a list of applications that have been tagged as trusted or banned. How can I get this list?

Hi iamme99, This was taken from Comodo help.

An entry about the Trusted/Allowed Application will appear in the list of Application Control Rules viewable in the Application Monitor section.
You can find this under security and then click application monitor. I hope this is what you meant.

OK, thanks. This wouldn’t exactly be easy to spot though, particularly if you were helping someone else with their computer, unless you knew what you were looking at.

I made an application I run regularly trusted to see what it looked like. When done, the application range is set to -, ports to 0-65535 for all of TCP/UDP In/Out. Permission says “Allow” (like all the other entries). A banned entry looks similar, except in this case, the permission actually changes to Blocked". So in the case of trusted apps, I’d like to see the permission changed to “Trusted”. Also, the column headers in the Application Monitor section are not click sortable (like in many other applications). This would help to group applications that had been trusted or banned together visually.

I’ll add this to the wish list.

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