List of publishers

W10 Famille - 21H1 - 19043.1415 / CFW :


Some time ago, not so long ago, the list of publishers included several tens publishers (which is still the case on my other laptop).
Now there are less than thirty publishers.

Would you have a possible explanation on this situation, I did not delete any?

Only several tens vendors?
My Vendor List counts approx. 44000 vendors.

And you did not delete any?

If there are indeed 44,000 publishers, can you see me removing 44,000-30 of them “à la mimine” with my little hands?

You deleted the cmddata file which stores the list of the trusted vendors list.

Yep there are indeed approx. 44000 vendors on the list after a clean CIS install.

You either deleted cmddata file as futuretech indicates or you selected All Vendors (you ticked the All-box) and then you deselected 30 of them and then you clicked on the Remove button (by accident) deleting 44000-30 vendors from the list. All of that can be done with just a few mouse clicks in less then a minute.

it seems to me that you had posted that the destruction of cmddata induced errors with CIS, so I wouldn’t have done it

if I had done this kind of manipulation, I would remember it.

So almost 44000 Vendors evaporated from your Vendor List, time to re-install CIS I’m afraid.

lol nope at least here on my end. Recently removed v12.2.2.7062 and installed v12.2.2.8012 from the Offline Installer and the issues I reported long ago in this topic are still happening.

Believe it or not, I’ve accomplished this strange achievement in the past with my bare hands, and also recently when installing v12.2.2.8012 I was able to manually remove one by one all unwanted vendors within a single day :o leaving only a few vendors (less than 100, certificates from big companies only).

Regarding your issue I’d say that maybe your cmddata file got somehow corrupted, better to do a clean install using the Uninstaller Tool and Offline Installer.

Now I feel tempted to select All and press Remove to see what happens - lol. :slight_smile:


I reinstalled CFW (ciscleanuptool_x64.exe + CIS Offline).

I found the complete list of publishers. Good news.

It is possible to change the status of a whole set of publishers at once (select the publishers, right click “Change Vendor Rating to” and the rating of all selected publishers changes).
The pity is that the next time you install CIS, you will have to redo the job because the export/import doesn’t exist.

The size of cmddata has been divided by 2 to 98 Mb. Good news.


Vendor export/import feature would indeed be good to have. How do we get back removed Vendors otherwise, by re-installing CIS every time?

Hi CISfan,

Thank you for reporting, Could you please create a wishlist in detail and add a poll on your wish.


Some time ago I made a Wish Request covering this subject of Option to Import/Export the Vendor List. It would indeed be nice to see this feature implemented in the future.