list of files blows up to infinity

i wanted to perform a rating scan…
after the scan i had some unrecognized files on the list, so i wanted to see the complete path of those files, but on attempting to adjust the list, it was messed up completely, there is now huge free space in that list and i can’t find the place where to change the rating to trusted anymore. maximising the window also doesent help…

so how can i resize that window to a readable format?

Hi Raggansta,

Sorry for the trouble. This bug is already recorded.
It will be fixed in next release.

Kind Regards,

thanks Prem for the answer. when will that new version be released?

See bug 2174 discussion.

lol? i dont want to mess with registry, thanks… its a bug from february?!? and still in this so called new version?!? wtf :-TD

no pain, no game

did you mean “no pain - no gain”? but whats the gain to end up with even bigger problems through a messed up registry? why the devs didnt fix it in the new version, since the bug is known for two months now… 88)

No similar issues on my system. I’m not sure what could be causing it.