List of Blocked & Allowed apps in Firewall 6?

I’m new to Comodo Firewall. I can’t seem to find the list of blocked & allowed applications. Can someone advise?

(I’ve reviewed the forum, but answers seem to apply to earlier versions of the Firewall.)

Thanks, John

You should find them in…

Advanced settings - Security Settings - Firewall - Application Rules.

On my computer Comodo Internet Security settings list the following. Is my computer fully protected?:

(ticked) Allow All Outgoing Requests

(crossed) Block and Log All Unmatching Requests

If any of these need amending and/or there are any specific Security settings I and others should look out for to ensure our security isn’t lower than it should be, please post further details.

You may be looking for: Manage File Rating, Virus Protection, Internet Protection | CIS v6.2 | COMODO .

Chiron has made an excellent guide for setting up comodo.

Thanks for the link.

I’ll cross check my existing Comodo Firewall settings with these.

Thanks also for this link.

I’ve set up the Firewall in line with Chiron’s guide. There were some options he quoted that were purely optional, best suited to advanced users, but even without those options activated, my computer is much more secure now. :slight_smile: