List of apps to always start in Game Mode

If we can’t have automatic switch, at least give us this option.

I like the idea. +1

Moving to Wishlist - CIS.


I also think it’s a great idea.

about the “game mode”

+1 :slight_smile:

Good idea +1

the better idea would be to:

  1. give predefined policies for games (even if they cover all possibillities, even if not needed by some games, it would be more strict than a game mode for the whole computer). i wonder for years why this never was concidered by comodo. maybe just to have also a “game mode”.

  2. give an option to decide the update frequency of the antivirus (wonder even more why this basic function is ignored by comodo).

and then this game mode can be fully taken away!

Cool idea !! :-TU